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Artist:Valee Rudy
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Album:Hi Ho Everybody
Track:My Blue Heaven
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:When Whippoorwills call,
And evening is nigh
We'll hurry to My Blue Heaven.
A turn to
the right,
A little white light
Will lead you to My Blue Heaven.
You'll see a smiling
A fire place, a cosy room,
A little nest
That's nestled where the roses
Just Mollie and me, and Baby makes three,
We're happy in My Blue

words: George Whiting
music: Walter Donaldson
1927 Loe Feist Inc. New York
sources: Viva Record (London Records) V.6005

Readers' Digest Treasury of Best Loved Songs
transcribed: Dilly

Note: I believe
there are two verses on CD "Nipper's Greatest
Hits of the 20's" by BMG or RCA #2258-2-R
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