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Artist:Unholy Bands from the Holyland
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Track:Morgue the Second Coming
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Music by: INCARNATION, Lyrics by: Hect, Zax.
Incarnate our souls,
Reveal life again.
beauty of this place
Brings us back in sin.
Approach the unknown,
Discover the
The gods have set thier eyes
And chosen to be your sons.
Silence spreads it's
Purifies us all.
Sacrilege we rule
Punished by the fall.
Shapes of white
surround us,
Winds of the eternal fall now rest
Within our pagan souls.
Into the sadness
of infinity
We, the lost souls of heaven march.
Oh, righteous lord!
First solo:
Second solo: Zax
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