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Artist:Unfinished Thought
Taken from the album Becoming Aware by Unfinished Thought
Album:Becoming Aware
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:What's The Matter Baby
You Don't Like The Sighs
The Cries Inside

I Know It's A
Tough Trip
So Heartbreaking
To Forget Me

So Sweet To Think You Cared
To Stare At The Wheels Turning Round
Screeching To A Halt

When You Echo
My Name

How Are The Nights Treating You
With The Sun Breaking Daze

It Help Or Hinder
Your Thickening Haze

To Hear That I Don't Care
Of Course This
Is Fair
You'd Do The Same If You Had The Chance

To Make It Last

But My
Sweet Baby
You've Had Your Chance
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