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Track:My Perfect Cousin
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Now I've got a cousin called Kevin
He's sure to go to heaven
Always spotless clean and
The smoothest you can get them
He's got a fur lined sheepskin jacket
My ma said
they cost a packet
She won't even let me explain
That me and Kevin were just not the

Oh my perfect cousin
What I like to do he doesn't
He's his family's
private joy
His mothers little golden boy

He's gotta degree in economics
- physics and bionics
He thinks that I'm a cabbage
Cos I hate university
Even at the age of ten
Smart boy Kevin was a smart boy then
He always beat
me at Subbuteo
Cos he flicked the kick
And I didn't know

Oh my perfect cousin

His mother bought him a synthesizer
Got the Human League into advise her
he's making lots of noise
Playing along with the art school boys
Girls try to attract his
But what a shame it's in vain total rejection
He will never be left on the
Cos Kevin he's in love with himself

Oh my perfect cousin
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