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Artist:Underground Velvet
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Album:White Light/White Heat
Track:White LightWhite Heat
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:White light, go on messing up my mind
Don't you know it's gonna make me go blind?
heat, it tickles me down to my toes
Have mercy, white light, have it, goodness

White light, go on messing up my brain
White light, it's gonna drive me
White heat, it tickles me down to my toes
White light I said now, goodness knows,
do it

I surely do love to watch that stuff shooting itself in
Watch that side, watch
that side, don't you know, gonna be dead and bright
Yeah, foxy mama, watch her walking down the
Come upside, your head's gonna make a dead end on your street

White light,
move in me and drain my brain
White heat, it tickles me down to my toes
White light, I
said now, goodness knows

White light is lighting up my eyes
Don't you know it fills
me up with surprise?
White heat, tickle me down to my toes
White light, I tell you now,
goodness knows

Oh, she surely do move, speed
Watch that speed freak, watch that
speed freak,
everybody gonna make it every week
Sputter mutter, everbody's gonna kill
their mother
Here she comes, here she comes, everybody get it, gonna make me run, do
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