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Artist:Underground Velvet
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Track:Countess From Hong Kong
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Countess from Hong Kong she moves so lightly
like the summer rain
Everytime I see and I
think about her
it ends up the same
Walkin' the streets out in Singapore
it was a
funny sight
But let me say the countess from Hong Kong
she did everything

Countess from Hong Kong
oh, countess from Hong Kong

Countess from
Hong Kong she moves so lightly
she's like the summer breeze
And all of the princes they
came from India
they fell down on their knees
Silks and satins, what a purple
she cut among the trees
Countess from Hong Kong believe me baby
now you're,
ooohhh, like a summer breeze

Oh, countess from Hong Kong
Countess from Hong Kong
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