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Track:Everlasting Love
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:You're so complicated-you hang over my shoulder
When I read my mail
I don't appreciate
When I talk to other guys
You think they're on my tail

I get so aggravated when
I get off the phone
And I get the third degree
I'm really feelin' frustrated
Why don't
you take a pill and put a little trust in me
And you'll see

Don't freak out until you
know the facts

Don't be stupid-you know I love you
Don't be ridiculous-you
know I need you
Don't be absurd-you know I want you
Don't be impossible

I'm mad
about you (I'm mad about you)
Can't live without you (can't live without you)
I'm crazy
'bout you (I'm crazy 'bout you)
So don't be stupid-you know I love you

You even get suspicious when I paint my nails
It's definitely
The way you dramatize every little small detail
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