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Taken from the album Miscellaneous by Ultravox
Track:Stranger Within
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Light comes through a crack in the door
I tape up the windows once more
Tight like a cold
hand of steel
Don't fear the stranger within

Hands that petrify in the air
catching things never there
Sweet tension caught on my breath
Don't fear the stranger

Watch every shape that escapes
Scared to make the final mistake
Speak to
hear the sound of your voice
Don't fear the stranger within

Sit in the corner with
your back to the wall
Pray to your God with your head in your hands
Your mask of fear is
shrinking fast
It's closing in more amour
You stand on borrowed time, your sweating palms
and chilling brow
Your wide-eyed panic makes you laugh, you cry and laugh
Freeze until the
noise decays, a shuffle from behind a door
Your throat is tight, it makes you choke and smoke
and choke
Eyes will grow accustomed to the dark, a stifled scream that won't come out

There's nothing more to fear from the stranger within

Don't fear the stranger within

I feel the stranger within
I see the stranger within
Don't know the stranger within
am the stranger within
I am the stranger within
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