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Artist:Ultramagnetic Mcs
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Track:Big Booty
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[porno movie girl]
Uhh.. yeah come on
Ooooh.. you like that
Come on, don't stop, huhh,
Ooooohh yeahhh..

Heyyyy (8x)

Heyyyy "she's rockin big booty"

[ced gee]
I get naked and wicked, when i stroke it and stick it
Then i go for
a ride, that you can't comprehend
Ladies screamin and creamin, cause i'm comin with
Hi-tech apex, orgasm they have em
Most times multiple, in different
Activate rides, now i'm ready to enter
I see big proton, gaze through your
It's gaining momentum, you're having a fit
*dee-dee-dee-dee* lubricated you are, so i
can rip rip rip
The walls of the spaceship, transport to recepticles
Like nat king cole
said, you're un..forget..table

Heyyyy "she's rockin big booty" (8x)
Heyyyy "she's
rockin big booty" (8x)

[kool keith]
Lieutenant uhuru.. captain kirk, has nothing, to do
with you
Neither dr. mccoy
You ain't had it fair since..

Supersonic, primitive,
riding on the booty
Take em on down to level four, sequence
Cowboys check the funk
measurement, station
Floating with time, verdict one, affirmative
Insert eight into a
cervix, incredible
Over combined between sheets, a nucleus
Get in a square, open uterus,
Hidden away, see a side effect's intercourse
Floating in space with captain
Lieutenant and scotty can beam us in
{undecipherable line}

Heyyyy "she's
rockin big booty" (10x)

Heyyyy (8x)
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