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Artist:Ultramagnetic MCs
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Track:Message From the Source (Remix)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[C.Gee] Yo Keith that trip was kinda long
[Keith] Word up Ced
Excuse me, aren't you guys
[C.Gee] Word, whassup money?
Yo I just saw that spaceship over
[C.Gee] Hahahahaha
Let me ask you somethin
[C.Gee] Yeah
How much money did you
make this year?
[C.Gee] Yo that's kinda personal money

[Kool Keith]
You wanna know
my business? I got things to do
People to meet, people to see
Very important - matters to
turn to
A waste of time for me to try to burn you
and talk a minute, you're not worth a
I speak intelligently, with information
Goin and flowin and showin, you're
still growin
adolescent -- with a childish mind
Your brain is small, plus it's hard to
I need a microscope, to see a two-cent brain
that don't think, when they rob and
and rape and kill -- and murder their loved ones
Now put your brain in the
Slice up the cold cuts, you're goin nuts in a three-inch cell
You wanna low rate
You're better off in Hell, feel the flame
fire burn roast and toast
Let me heat up
your skull, while I brag and boast
I keep your brain on stand-by
Cause this message, comin
from the SOURCE!

Source.. source.. source.. source..
Source.. source.. source..

[Ced Gee]
Your attention please, come on and let me try this
This beat is
funky -- so I just
made up some rhymes that are hyper than hyperspace
Ced Gee will kick bass
face and eliminate
rappers who think quick slick with a few tricks
Can't be quick fixed if
they try this
man, and, aiyyo, I have the right to be
on any stage and mic someone can pass
to me
Cause, I'm in there, and I swear
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