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Artist:UltraMagnetic MCs
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Track:One Two, One Two
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Kool Keith]

One two one two, one two one two
One two one two, one two one two!
two one two, one two one two!

I just step and I rap rap
Move and you clap
Dance and wiggle, and little feets go tap tap
Over and switch switch, change my pitch
You can get down down, rock with my sound sound
As I rock freak a rhyme, blow up the
town town
MC's in the back, Double Trouble can learn learn
As I start to burn burn, MC's
wait your turn turn
Look at me black black, don't come to me wack wack
I chew em like gum,
eat your crew like a Snack Pack
Walk and I flex flex, check and I stop stop
Beat em on down
down, suckers I rock rock
Cling on, swing on, walk and you step step
Pick up your pep pep,
build up my rep rep
Move and get smacked smacked, I'm tellin you black black
I told you
again, I'm clockin fat knots

("I'm the freaker, the one who freaks the funk" -- Cypress
One two one two, one two one two
One two one two, one two one two
("I'm the
freaker, the one who freaks the funk")
One two one two, one two one two

Continue I flow
flow, not stiff and I blow blow
X'll get raw raw, and travel on tour tour
MC's they get
crushed crushed, stomped in the dust dust
Mack-10 Tec, every rhyme goes bust bust
Out on the
West West, facing your chest chest
Let me go rock rock, people just clock clock
Girls they
wet, damp panties and jock jock
Move and I swing swing, to Riker's and

Knock on your brain, picture bell go ding ding
MC's that flow flow,
I think they all so-so
Like G.I., G.I., kiddie toy named Joe Joe
Rappers are doodoo doodoo,
deep as a voodoo voodoo
Come and don't play play, watch what I say
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