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Artist:Ultramagnetic MCs
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Track:Porno Star
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Tim D] Ahhh yeahh..
Aiyyo y'all ready to do this?
[Trev] Yeah whassup wit that?
Yo Trev, you ready to run the train or what?
[Trev] Aiyyo what's that bitch name again
[Tim D] Yeah her name is Tabitha
But yo, let me go up there first
And then,
Keith you come in
And Trev you come in
[Trev] Aight, aight
[Tim D] And we gonna cold
rock the bitch, aight?
[Trev] Aight, I'ma lay in the back, chill chill
[Keith] I wanna jump
out the closet!

[girl] *knock knock* Hello..
[Tim D] Yeah baby whassup? It's
[girl] How you doin baby?
[Tim D] I'm aight - I'm ready to do this, you ready to do
[girl] Oh yes, I'm ready to do this baby
[Tim D] Yeah.. why don't you just.. lay down
.. open your legs
[Girl] Like this?
*knock knock knock*
[Tim D] Yeah come
[Keith] Yo whassup? I'm down right?
[girl] Who's that?
[Tim D] Yo that's my man Kool
Keith, the Rhythm X
[girl] Hi Keith... what does the X stand for?

[Kool Keith]
you're playin with yourself, with your hands between your legs
You're masturbating, cause you
can't keep waiting
Lookin at my picture with your bra and soaked panties
I pull my dick out,
your tongue stick out
I like the clitty-clit, then suck the tittie-tit
I'm rather suave, not
finished with the pussy yet
Now turn that ass out, I wanna wax it {*smacking sounds*}
my jism enbalms, I wanna tax it
Your bed? My bed -- fuck it, where's the elevator?
I set
your pussy off, like a fuckin detonator bomb
Relax and be calm
Tell your friends to leave,
no time for cockblockers
I hate the girls who front, and really cock-suckers
I have no time
for phonies and kiddie games
A bunc
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