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Artist:U. D. O.
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Track:Freelance Man
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:You are a nothing and deceased
You ain't alive at all
Don't try to be sensible
I'll bang
your head on the wall

I got no time to be locked in
I'm a dangerous son
always second
I'm the number one

Hail the battle
Take a
Gonna stand my ground
I'm gonna stand my ground

'cause I'm a
freelance man
I ain't walking I ain't talking tonight
Heart of steel - twisted feel - I'm no
easy ride
You will never ever lock me up tight

'cause I'm a freelance man
And I'm
breaking and I'm taking tonight
No mistake - don't dictate - I'm no easy ride
Don't you
never ever lock me up tight

I'm always doing what I lease
I'm always having a
You make me contemptible
I'll bury you in a hole

It's better you to be locked
I'll be a terrible guard
You'll never matter

I'm still the number

Hail the battle, ...

'cause I'm a freelance man, ...

Turn on your
brain before you talk
It was no secret what I am
You rue the day - you've been done
I'm just a freelance man

Hail the battle, ...

'cause I'm a freelance man,
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