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Track:No More Talk
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Verse 1]
I'm either running for my life or I'm just waiting to die
I'm the supplier of the
fire if you're chasing a high
It's never, when or why, it's the way that he die
Did he stand
like a man till the day that he die
Or was he reaching for guns or trying to run
Or was he
outside on the lawn in front of his son
And if ya, running your mouth you can die in the
Cuz in the, south where I'm from they dying for crumbs
You can die for your Patna's or
die for ya moms
Or you could die cuz your nigga just heard the alarm, just stealing
Or die
in a plane they say it's a bomb
When they run it into a tower, they just say it's
Screaming Allah the moment that it's hitting the building
With total disregard for
all men women and children
See niggaz get killed when, people mix they money with
I'm filling my money up in the wall some in the ceiling
I'm just one of the
millions of niggaz who ?
It's a war going on and they killing for nothing
We were in denial
all awhile they where flicking the buttons
I'd rather be dying for something instead of living
for nothing
End of discussion

Hey, ain't no more talk
Just start
killing niggaz off till ain't no more chalk
Or no mo' tape, to outline no mo' scenes
Or no
mo' crimes, no mo' dying for no mo' phenes
Or no mo' rims and thing's and no mo' green
no mo' chains and ring's that go bling bling

And no mo' passionate rapping and so
it seems
It's just these talent less rappers they all acting
And I know, so ain't no mo'
Just start killing niggaz off till ain't no mo' chalk
Or no mo' tape, to outline no mo'
Or no mo
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