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Track:My Air Forces
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[T.I. talking]
Bet yall niggas don't remember these wit Run-DMC...
Naw, I ain't wit dem no
mo...What they is now...MY AIR FORCES

[Verse One]
Walk through the hood at night
dont like 'em laced tight, but they feel alright
Outta sight, all white, steeping swaging my
I got the four in my lap cause I stay in the trap
Like guess and heavy starch
thrity-four in the way
With thrirty six so I can fit this forty-four on my waste
If I waste
something one 'em I'ma throw 'em away
Pull a fresh pair out the trunk, and buy some more in a
And I wear'em like I bought 'em, I don't lace 'em or nuthin'
Got bitches wonderin' why I
don't call, I don't chase 'em or nuthin'
Funky fresh MC, I bet you see
T.I.P with a fresh
new pair of Nike Airs on his feet
And when you see me in the streets, you know you looked at a
The way the Congo and Polo the checks is even matching my car
Ahhhh, back to the
subject though
I just letting you know about my air forces

Don't care how
many shoes I get, when all else fails dem the shoes I pick
And I walk like so I don't bruise my
I got alot but none fit like my Air Forces
Brand new O-Eyed Benz
Where in less
there ain't a pair in every store I been
Gotta outfit, wanna make sure I'm fresh
Well you
know I gotta go get my Air Forces

[Verse Two]
All white trimmed in gray
laced to the top on with me
All day, collecting pay in the ass of a jay
Or any sucka nigga
trying to get in my way
Stay kicking this muthafucking G.A. clay
With a limp and a sway and
I don't play
Hoes keep asking pimp why the the same 'ol shoes?
Bitch, I'm four pairs deep
and I do
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