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Track:I Still Luv You
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Chorus 2X]
Don't hate me shawty
But even if you hate me shawty
I still love you
now I only wish that you could
See that my intentions were good
I still love

[Verse 1]
Forgave me once, forgave me twice, forgave me three times
I stayed
lyin', you stayed down in the meantime
Had my son and turned around and had another one
broke yo heart when I told you bout the other one
I stay in trouble ha? Ain't got too much to
Knew I could loose it all but never thought of losin' you
Eleven years ago I still
regret me choosin' you
Meetin' you, pursuin' you and doin' you in '92
You fixed plates,
showed yo face at every courtdate
And all you wanted me to do was call when I was out
How could I let you go? I thought I knew it all
When you deserved the best and more,
you been through it all
So you think I sold yo dreams, but what I say I mean
Just take it to
consideration, I was 17
I'm still the same man, just had a change of plan
Never ask you back
and fuck a wedding band
But I still love you

[Repeat Chorus 1 w ad

[Verse 2]
Went from resentin' you, hatin' you, now I'm missin' you
On the
realest shit I ever dropped, listen pops
I never even thought, to ask my mom what
Just knew that you was livin' in Manhattan and I was trappin'
We never had a
chance, we was in different states
But I'll forgive it, you was human and we make
You tried to make it up, but shit, you couldn't pay enough
You sent me tons of toys
and clothes thinkin' you gave enough
But it wasn't though, and you wasn't there
That's all I
knew, so I grew up thinkin' you ain't care
I know it wa
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