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Lyrics:(feat. Too $hort)
[T.I. (Too $hort)]
Ay shawty
Ay, you 'memba dat broad we met back on da road last year, bout '99?
(Da one up in
Nah, nah, not the one from New York, I 'memba her too doe
I'm talkin bout the one from
lil bad bitch I met in da mall wit da big azz
(Oh, oh, dat bitch)
Here wha she

I'll meet you at the hotel, we can fuck all night
me how you want to, I won't tell nobody
(Shit, let'z do it... where u at?)
I said, meet me
at the hotel, we can fuck all night
Do me how you want to, I won't tell nobody
(Shit baby,
keep yo mouth shut we can do it, sho nuff)

[Verse 1 (T.I.)]
One day in L.A., I'm at the
Pickin me up a coupla pairs of silk drawls
And I ran into this fine azz well built
She was in hard from a long way
So I'm finna go on swing shawty way
Just like da
song say, cuz I don't play
Miss lady built like a amazon
A 5'9", light brown, wit some
sandals on
Da kinda azz dat make you wanna grab a handle on
And fuck her all day in da
hallway with the candlez on
So I wave, and I speak and conversation coo
She asked my name,
where I'm from and why I talk the way I do?
I said "Cuz I ain't from round hea, I'm from Atlanta
shawty, but anywayz
We can still get togetha, cuz I'm gon be hea fo a coupla dayz"
And then
she say, she never been ta Georgia, she was dyin ta visit
Well, I'm in room 312, at the Sofatel,
I'm sho that they listed
She got the digits, say she like me, and that we can be friends
I ain't welcome shawty, don't invite me, ain't no need ta pretend
I'm wanna lick on ya neck,
kiss ya earz, and make y
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