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Track:Hands Up
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Man speaking]
We going to Cuba wit' this one
Yea, I been rehabilitated, rejuvicated
most important:relocated
So now, with no further to do

[Hook 2x]
Now ladies stand
Or if you wit' me shake ya titties
Throw your hands up
And all the ballers poppin'
bottles throw a grand up
And if you feeling like I'm feeling keep them hands up
And keep ya
hands up

Hey, from the sunrise to the midnight star
I'm by far the hottest new thing
the South seen
Bringing sixteen bars, got six clean cars
Vert's, Hoops, four doors, do
momo's, and Tahoes
Star hoes, yo hoes is our hoes
Keri pullin up to the Shark Bar on the
Wit' a Puerto Rican porn star
We in La Vida La Loca
See you can't flow like me
or rock a show like me
Get dough like me
Shouldn't signed 'em, he ain't gon' blow like
But give me a quarter of his bonus and half his budget
And I guarantee he go double but
if you don't, you in trouble
It's gon' take him three coupes just for him to recoup'
witness shawty flop, like the last three groups
While I'm in Cancun' 'round see-thru's on a
three week cruise
It'll take more than the likes of these fools to make me lose
floppin is something I can't see
Ladies, obey the chorus
Shake ya titties for me

[Hook (2x)]

Uh, I came to blow the spot
Hit the club wit' cheddar
Ridin wit' a badder bitch
You gonna get or ever got
Try me boy, you better
Shawty and I'm very hot
Toting forty cap, forty five nine's every glock
Blow you up
in that very spot you standing in
Then vanishing
Undo this manana then, throw away this can
and then-aca
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