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Track:Dope Boi Fresh
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(feat. Attic Crew)
[verse 1]
Yea! A-town nigga
a nigga dope Boi
fresh in dis polo and guess
or the guccI and louie shawty aint nuthin less
I keep a piece on
my side and some beat in my ride
the window up when its hot or when its cold outside
the AC
blow snowballs drive a bitch up the wall
with them plush leather guts steady grippin the
the paint just drip on the street michael jordan on my feet
with a big booty freak to
make the pimpin complete
I go and pick up big floaty he twistin a swisher slowly
bend the
corner aint no hatin and all the hoes no me
these hoes star struck cause we spendin dem big
dis chevy got they attention and fuckin dem hoes up
cause I'm

[Chorus: repeat
dope Boi fresh, dope Boi dope Boi dope Boi [4x]
ooo hes so fresh

guess jeans, fresh white tees and a bubble coat
ever slang blow all day at
da corner sto'
serve til ya bar get low go and get some mo
nigga trap til da yay get sold,
plain and simple ho
give a damn if it snows, nigga I don dime day old
now five days old wit
a big bank roll
hit da club and pull six stank hoes
brang it back to da trap
and move
six mo o'z
they say his shirt so wrinkled and his kicks so old
wit no haircut so I'm hood
rich tho ho
ya mighta seen me in a chevy I got six mo of those
and a direct connect wit a
brick fa da low


[verse 3]
every now and then I ride shotgun
done always been fresh since day one
wit da rod livers khakis kangols and polos
dese other
monkey niggaz tacky like hobos
dope Boi fresh or should I say razor sharp
catch me in action
the definition of pimpin hard
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