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Track:Do It
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Verse 1]
You looking good in them guess's shawty showing yo ass
Make a nigga wanna grab a
hold of yo ass
Strip you out yo couchie dress and hit the flo' wit yo ass
When I leave the
club I wanna see some more of yo ass
I ain't tricking shit but I might spend some dough on yo
The way you bouncin on my dick and grindin' slow wit yo ass
Hit the v.i.p. wit me I po'
some moe' fo yo ass
Just so I can see you out there bouncin yo ass
If I leave the club wit
something rather go wit yo ass
Them other broads fine but you a pro wit yo ass
When I see u
poppin and droppin I know it's yo ass
In a crowd full of hoes I would notice yo ass

[Bridge: T.I.]
A now a thug done chose
And I don't give a damn if the club done
Give the DJ a dub tell him spin one mo
So I can finish watching you poppin
shakin yo, droppin yo, bouncin yo ass

[Hook: T.I.
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