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Artist:Tamar Braxton
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Track:Get Mine
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:1- As long as I get mine
It really don't matter to me
It really don't matter to
If I give you what I want
Give me what I want
Hit me off and baby I'm

Repeat 1

Boy I heard that you're girl
Thinks that you are the
I know she know about me
And I don't care if she's
Hating me just as long
you keep getting me
Diamond rings and all those things
That just makes me happy

Repeat 1(2x)

Tell your girl don't call me
When she finds out that we
Go on
trips, buy me gifts
And all those things that she needs
It ain't my fault that you don't
All those things that I do
He's calling me
He's making you look like the one who's
a fool

Repeat 1 (2x)

I don't wanna hear that you're only for me, oh no

And I, I don't want to be in her shoes, oh no need
So you just keep satisfying my needs

And I won't interfere with your girl and your world
And I will be right here
(As long as I
get mine)
(As long as I get mine)

Repeat 1 (4x)
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