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Artist:Talk Talk
Taken from the album Spirit Of Eden by Talk Talk
Album:Spirit Of Eden
Track:Inheritance (5 10)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(Mark Hollis / Tim Friese-Greene)

April song
Lilac glistening foal
Ten as
On the breeze they flow

When it gets my heart out

Nature's son

Don't you know where life has gone
Burying progress in the clouds
How we learn to linger
Head in sand
Expecting the dour
To redress with open arms
Ascension in
incentive end

When it gets my heart out

Nature's son
Don't you know how
life goes on
Desperately befriending the crowd
To incessantly drive on
Dress in
gold's surrendering gown

Heaven bless you in your calm
My gentle friend
bless you
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