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Artist:Talib Kweli & Hi Tek
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Now here we go
Here we go (come on come on)
Now here we go
Here we go (come
on come on)

Stay strong this ain't for the plain hearted
My name's honored
cause my style is insane retarded
Remain hottest from St. Marks to St. Thomas
Take game
farther than the Putt-Putt planes chartered
The same artist who smoke rain forest will bang
My brain smartest break a nigga like a lame promise
All city like train
Check out the pictures we painted (yeah)
More colorful than Kelis naked
skills is least debated and your album least awaited
Even Big Tiger wouldn't let you in the
Face it y'all niggas face down with your legs kicking
They call your momma Roy
Jones cause she raise chicken
Your down for the count like Rah Digga I'm straight spitting

Make pidgins say, "uh uh no they didn't"
Yes we did so god bless the kid yo
I got my own
so I never stress his no

Chorus (repeat 1x)
In this journey you're the journal I'm
the journalist
Am I eternal or an eternalist?
As soon as we showed up I sensed
As soon as we rolled up y'all burn to this

Here we go
Come on

Yeah yeah (yeahhh)
Yeah yeah (yeah yeah come on)
Yeah yeah
Come on come on

Yo we send this bullet straight towards your brain
We taking over like mores in Spain
there's more to gain
Runaways get aboard the train (come on)
You can't ignore the pain
When it come down like the pouring rain
Caught the train of thought and claim to
cross the broad terrain
The cold weather break your spirit like a water main
I looked in
your eyes and I saw the shame
Y'all don't know that a greatnest came before the chain
you can't imagine a future where this all could change
If one of us ain't free then we all to
So we attack each other fighting project wars and thang
It's all the same across the
board we off again
You wanna sieve through that shit then you can call my name
Kweli I
chopped it up like raw cocaine
I drop jams in top ten I'm not for the fame
You wanna test
and I bet you get wrecked like lost planes

Chorus (repeat 2x)

there it is (yeah)
Yeah yeah (yeah yeah)
Come on
Yeah yeah (yeah yeah)

Yeah yeah (yeah yeah)
Yo yo yo
Say whaaat? Say what, say what, say what

I rock for the purest and I rock for the players
I rock for the fellas and I rock for the
ladies (come on)
I rock for the elders and I rock for the babies (yeah)
I rhyme to the
sirens that cry in the night (yeah)
Live on the mic even though I've been dying to write
Since the day of flying a kite and ridding my bike (come on)
Open my eyes and keep
the prize within my line of sight (yeah)
Cats dropped out of school to keep fiends high on the
pipe (word)
Seem like that's the get away of trying to fight
The system thats based on
trying to stop you from shinning your light
Dying in spite of getting rich
That's why I
rhyme like a battle emcee
Battling the tragedies and fallacies
That be killing niggas
quicker than infant mortality
They acting like whats going on now is distant reality

Behaving so casually that they become a casualty
Plus they don't wanna battle me anyway

They try to walk away but they stubble like Macy Gray
Cats hit the tunnel to rumble and say,
"Hey DJ!"
Make me wonder why they call Sunday the lazy day

Chorus (repeat 2x)

Check me out

yeah yeah
yeah yeah
yeah yeah (fades)
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