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Artist:Talat Mehmood
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Album:The Pillage
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Artist: Cappadonna f/ Killa Bamz
Album: The Pillage
Song: Pillage
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[Killa Bamz]
Red dog Ebonese, half Gotti and Lebonese
You see me
posted, lifted like my tape to text
Poverty projects son, and I ain't scared to
Newport, five percent of New York, spray darts
where you walk, cocoahead peers,
throwin Shaolin spears
Floatin through the Village, trapped in design to shine
war between the thug and the con
As for the father reborn, castle in the mind
Mind blind
and captive, warfare be inner-active
Bamz is savage hard to substitute
Smoke the hydro
root, in a casual suit
I'm tryin to walk these dogs but I'ma dog myself
Get my wealth for
delf, hard rock crews is so-low
Stagnate, thoughts of payin dues
Gotta prop the holes in
my suit, Bamz foot style
is Shaolin Isle, spend Valentine in the cooler
Get the CREAM
dula, figures and dollars
Stuck I make a thug holla, swarmin the bees who rock the
Po-Po lookin for collars, peep the whole scene
Make it happen, Shaolin, dart
Prepare for this war we assassin, but now I'ma chill
for a minute, smoke bones of
hydronetic and get pathetic
Sources is similar to full drum when we swarm
Rock my red cape
like Spawn
Shaolin breathin in a hailstorm, teachers of Allah
know it's best to quote the
Shaolin trees from prophets, representin Shaolin
We gonna die for this, so don't
you never fail
Like crews who soul miss, tamper doors open
and your death wish, peepin
Bamz who got the mad new shit

The pillage, the pillage,
the pillage
Oceanwide, Donna on the outside
Cyanide, killa bee hive, homicide
side is gone, it's on, my uniform is Uno
Acapella was take two, respect due
No commercial
I teach though, I reach those
higher heights, mic to death, words of wisdom
Words of a
architect strike, hype is the crowd
Down low is me, Bamz sugar free
Check we radical dub,
nightclub punish the club
Attack hate runnin with love, better grub
Dick em down easy,
past sound, pass out
Pass it around, grew up in The Tunnel
Tracks against Wu rap debut,
top article
Spin it again, sign of the time rhyme
Top of the line, bottom of the
Stretched in the alphabet, wet dust Moet, poet threat
Evil cassette wreck shows,
rip any set
Direct approach coach a emcee, toast a emcee
Don't provoke me, toast to me
Fade is still bushy, spot the best pussy
Keep my gears flashin, ready for the
Fatal rap attraction, mic that rock the cradle
Razor Sharp label,
Park Hill Gallo and the Sable
Martin Luther King Islam Rodney King
Two to
four work release time in the bang
Big guns lawyers dirty cops naked in the box
Ricans, Africans, one Ox
Bowl of rice Trump, poor people
Plus meat that tastes lethal, we
all not treated equal
The bible, the thirty-six tribal
Trials and tribulations,
Drugs as my retardation, masturbation
False identification, one
Blood, mud, water, togetherness
Terrorist, peace to all thug, Hennesey in the
Box cutter under the rug, that'll cut your whole mug
You bugged, kid, fuck off
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