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Track:What If
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I could have sweared that I was right
But you played with my mind
I dont want this to be
something easy for me
You always tease me with your look
Youre nothing like an open
I just want you to say, call on my name
What if the sky were alone
No stars there
will be
What if you were on your own?
Thats not meant to be

I dont wanna se you
with someone
I just wanna be that special one
Why dont you let me in your life
I could
be one big surprise
I set your fire, I make your wish
I just want one more kiss
always say that you try to hard
If I only had the one right card

Wait, hear what I
No I cant, leave you alone like that
I wanna burn like fire
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