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Artist:Tait Band
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Track:Carried Away
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:You're standing right behind me
I feel you breathing down my neck
I try to catch you, but
you're gone
You whisper words that draw me
Into your web of influence
Your sweet
illusion's like a song
You say my name
Like I'm the only game in this town
But just
the same
You know you gotta stop hanging around

I'm carried away
A full-on freak
I've got so much to say
No you're never gonna get my crown
No you're never
gonna shut me down
You're such the fallen angel
You're such the villain in disguise

Telling dark and lovely lies
I dove right into your ocean
Tasted the salt of murky
I've seen beyond your mysteries
And I'm to blame
Thought I was the only game in
this town
But you're so vain
That you're never gonna figure it out

Cause I'm
carried away
So carried away
I'm carried away, so carried away

Sticks and stones
from your lofty throne
My soul's been set free
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