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Artist:Tail Bros
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Track:Super Star
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Dance Dance..

I am here, and my name is chaos
Rap is to me like music is to Amadeus

Wolfgang, the famous composer
When I stepped in I told him to move over

I am the
new kid on the block
And the mission - to make your body rock
And to all the fools that
think they're tough
You'll never beat me, cuz I'm just too rough

For my nature, my
habitat, and even my environment
Don't try me now, just go into retirement
And think about
what you have done
You got beat, cuz you tried to move on

Dance Dance..

meet your fate when your lines ain't straight
They're in your lyrical debatin' when your styles
ain't great
You got boogie-old rhymes to the point of no return
You switch, you discern,
but when will you learn
That my rhymes burn, my brain waves melt
Who gives a damn how you
fall, overturned black belts
I show you no remorse, I break off, I get divorced
Could I be
the source of this regenerative force
Rejuvinated, I escalate it
Now you're underrated cuz
your homeboys played it
Your weak appearances are only doing me the favor
While I'm
kickin' butt and flavor showin' off on your behavior

DDR Bass - DDR Bass

be beefing like a source that's protecting all people
put your hands up in the pulpit, coz it
is drippin' like water
from a leaky faucet
Hand me the mic and I would rock it
you, sometimes you got to stop it - To make it rhyme
It will earn full work and yo the final
is the freakin' bad bone, man take much and stand it
And, yo, to beat us right now is
the chance
So everybody, yo, get on the floor
I wanna see your dance
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