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Artist:Tahnee G Kevnier
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Track:My Boy
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Remember da days we used 2 hang out chill by my yard or urs I neva thought u wud abondon me like u
cud so y 1 day did u get up and leave was it me was it u i need 2 know cos ur my BOO and im ur BOO
but do i really matter if u can let me go so easily im like some dust just wipe me off anytime NO NO
NO dats not how its gonna be dats not wat im gonna do they only thing im gonna do is to stop LOvin u
it makes me so sad and angry to know dat i luvd u dearly sincerly I hope ur happy cos Im wastin my
life away with all stupid dat i dont want dat i dont need o HOLD ME PLEASEEEE just make me urs 4
ever more I am 4 sure dat u will abandon me 1nce again its over again.
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