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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Im sorry if I told you
That theres nothing left here for you
And Im sorry when I told you

That I do not love you its not true
Its not true, I love you
And Im sorry if I sold
An ideal youd not bought into
And Im sorry if I hold you
Responsible for every
little thing
Its not true, its not you
Its not true, and I still love you

you eat your words if I ate mine
Regret I ever was unkind
I just wanted some more of your
And I wish you would always be mine, always be mine.

Im sorry if I left you

To make a point Ive risked all that weve been
And Im sorry I expect you
To be the one
to break the ice between
Its not you, I love you
Its not you, you know I still love

Wont you tell me that you love me
Wont you tell me that you need me
Wont you
tell me you still want me
Wont you tell me anything. Anything at all
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