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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I've got the strangest feeling that I've seen all this before
It all looks so familiar as I'm
walking to the door
And I've got the weirdest feeling that I've walked this path before

It's becoming more familiar but I cannot quite be sure
It's a definite sensation that I've
done all this before
And I'm feeling most peculiar still I'm coming back for more
I begin
to see the light as I go crashing to the floor

I must be blind

I had the strange
sensation all I had to do was ask
I won't give in to temptation I will fight it to the last

Though the walls look quite unstable still I'm sure this thing will pass
I will not admit
confusion as I have done in the past

I must be blind

I recognize this situation
now I know it all too well
It's true that I've been up here and it's true that I once fell

I won't give in so easy I will fight it to the last
I have been sucked into the game plan
as I have done in the past

I must be blind
I really must be blind.
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