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Artist:Salacious Gods
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Track:Manifest Of The Phantoms Fasade
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Impaled raider-angels chest
A battered sculpture here manifests

Woe - Begone souls

crowd the world in under Arcane
As a horde yet kept asuder Profane

defected angels
ensnared in sweet rapture
Yet cursing and rejecting their sins

Descending steep stairs
of black frosty stone
Approaching the vault
of the
ones assumed condoned

From the walls grabble claws
of a voracious kind

Lasvicious gods laughter
resounds in the halls like thunder

Draw the sabre
offered to you from
the scabbard in the phantoms globed hand
and chop away Feel free from

Blistering dead mist looms up from
the phosphorous wells like acid steam

Noxious gas invades the weak things
of the damned as they crowd
themselves stairward

But held down by the sabre-
wielding lords

Take the meat-dish offered to you and

the goblet from the phantoms gloved hand
Sink your teeth into the flesh of your prey

You have given rein
to your malicious ways

Mangeled and torn
hangs the
torso with angelwings
amongst my gates ebony xylography
No crawling back
underworld purgatory
to heavens filled with hypocrisy

Take the banner handed to you
the dagger from the phantoms gloved hand
to lead the way
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