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Artist:Salacious Gods
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Track:Testify My Vanity
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Henceforth thou shalt despise his name
Pray for absolution
in poor absurd tongue

Blood flows Locust swarms
The flamboyant throne The mules jaw
Funeral pile flames ate
heretic flesh raw
And thereof I testify in blood

Ten commandments
chaos reins
The voice of god is silent
My boot rests on his face
Daylight fades
firstborn die
Bloodstained doors The sulphur rain
on Sodom and Gomorrah burnt his eyes

He survived to avenge them blind

Hollow-eyed breathes of plague
His warhorse of
and bones half decaved
Waving a sword with nine blades
Leaving Askengris skies
in his wake

Testify my vanity
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