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Artist:Salacious Gods
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Track:The Prolongation Of The Search For The Citadel Of The Crown
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Under the gaze of an owl
I walk the streets of the ghastly stars
to reach the pond of
purest black
The surface gleams
like a pearl in the vast plane
Wet sacred shrine
emerged as my spirit is
led astray in search for illuminated skies

On a conquest
through nighttime
lingering spirits gather at the seven stones
Dark is the
and so is the hatred in my soul
The oracle pierces the pale shapes
serpent and concubine souls
see and select the one must grim

Bitter the unpenetrable
My gnarled body remained in the deep
Still my spirit is trapped in catatonic
Listen while it speaks
Lightning gives shape to the night
Blood will flow
through the night of
black crystals

Es brennt ein feuer in mir
Nie zufor war das
feuer so dunkel
und kalt und es gehort zu mir
Es wird brennen bis ich sterbe
erlosen in kalte
Das feuer verbreited sich
von geist zu geist
und jede sehle wird

Dark and cold moon behind the clouds
Dance the spirit dance in battered
I am alone among these hollow shadows
Like we did before meet the seven stones

I the selected one ignite the spirits dance
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