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Artist:Sainte Marie Buffy
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Track:Bad End
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:You'd better watch yourself
That's what people say
It's too late for that
I believe
I've had my day
Oo I've had a hard time
with this soft thing of mine
Seems like bad
boys always
knew how to get through to me
blow my mind
and I believe I'm coming to a

Bad end
Bad end
I believe I'm comm' to a
Bad end
Bad end
Mmm there was
a time
I was okay
and vo I loved to baby him
do anything he say
Then he start to
turn on me
and it ain't no fun no more
Now there's bruises in the bed at night

Needles in the drawer
There's blood all in the mirror
and there's strangers at the
and I believe I'm comm' to a
Bad end
Bad End
I believe I'm comm' to a

Bad end
Bad end
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