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Artist:Sainte Marie Buffy
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Track:Many A Mile I Have Gone
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I've damn near walked this world around
Another city, another town
Another friend to say
Another time to sit and cry

For it's many a mile I have spent on this road

Many a mile I have gone

Well there was one, he knew me best
You know he gave my
poor heart rest
He was my world, my heart, my dear
And now he's gone to God know where

I seen your towns, they're all the same
The only difference is in a name
And the
only home I ever knowed
Was a suitcase and the open road

So I'll fill my glass up to
the brim
And thru my glass, the world looks dim
I know outside there's love somewhere

Maybe my rambling will bring me there
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