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Artist:Sainte Marie Buffy
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Track:Seeds Of Brotherhood
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:It's time to open your eyes
Take a look outside and all around
To North and South and up and
The weather is right the time is here
There'll never be a better year
brotherhood to take it's root
To bloom it's blossom to sprout it's shoot

Open, open,
open your eyes
It's time to find the place to hoe
Find the place to plant your row
the seeds of love can grow and grow
Your heart's the perfect spot you know
It's time to
clean your garden plot
Of sticks and stones and other old rot

Time to plant a brand new
Where promises keep and paths unfurl
To young and old to boy and girl
To rich and
poor to woman and man
To black and white and gold and tan
To big and little and fast and
Oh see how brotherhood can grow
Let the sun shine in your face
To everyone of every

(Ooo loo do do do do....)
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