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Artist:Sainte Marie Buffy
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Track:Soldier Blue
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I’ll tell you a story and it’s a true one and I’ll tell it like you understand
And I
ain’t gonna talk like some history maid.

I look out and I see a land.
Young and
lovely. Hard and strong
For fifty thousand years we’ve danced her praises.
Prayed our
thanks and we’ve just begun. Yes, Yes

Yes this is my country.
Young and growing.

Free and flowing. See to see.
Yes, this is my country.
Ripe and bearing miracles

in ever pond and tree.
Her spirit walks the high country.
She’s giving free wild
And setting an example how to give.

Yes this is my country
and turning
She is like a baby learning how to live
i can stand upon a hill at
Look all around me.
Feel her surround me.
Soldier blue
Can’t you see her
life has just begun
Beating inside us. Telling us she’s here to guide us.

blue, Soldier blue, Soldier blue.
Can’t you see that there’s another way to love

This is my country
And I sprang from her
And I’m learning how to count
upon her.
Tall trees and the corn is high country.
I guess I love her.
And I’m
learning how to take care of her

When the news stories get me down
I take a drink of
freedom to think of
North America from toe to crown
It's never long before
I know
just why I belong here

Soldier Blue, Soldier Blue
Can't you see that there's another
way to love her
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