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Artist:Sage Francis
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Track:Life is What Distracts You From Death
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Yo I got this, I got this, it goes like this, unh
Life is what distracts you from
Gaspin for breath
Grabbin your chest
Now look to God and ask him what's
No answer, now how can I pass the test?
I can't figure out the order of this bastard's
I'm feelin disasterous
Massive stress
It's futile like you child trying to sell me
bags of sess
Now put that to rest
I'm sportin rags when I dress
While you're mad
With Tommy Hil, Polo and Guess
Got selected best when rap was a braggin contest

Now you could of sounded like THIS
To sell records act possessed
I've blasted the
Fast like the wild west and had intercourse with the bulletholes in the chest
need to get their fat asses dressed
Masters of sex
Must have been molested ___?___ committed
Violated mother earth, grabbed her ass and breasts
Got father time ticked off the
kid's soft I had to fess...up
I never fuck with what your raps suggest they make me laugh mos
As you get gassed by the press
Me? I'm ridin on E, I got no gas left
I had to walk
my way home but I forgot the address
Once I got there I had no access
To my house
changed the lock 'cause of my bad ass mouth
My bad ass mouth? I ain't one to hold back
know I'm jet white for some reason my balls act bald black
Ask your girl about 'em yo that bitch
is so whack

She gave my spirit a disease called the sooooouuuuul clap
The way
she does when she smoooookes crack
You don't believe me? look here I got the koooodak
Opponents are slow to react
Like when I got to gave a pound and you throw
Now you know that
Every man is lis
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