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Artist:Sage Francis
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Track:The Time of My Life
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Consider me to be a fly on the wall with a bird's eye view
I stare, as my birthtime drew
The only Earth I knew reared me in a world I grew to fear
I do appear quite nude and
I'm like "What's up with the lights and the white uniforms?"
You're damn right you're
truly wrong when a hand strikes the newly born.
"I can't fight" I'm cruely scorned.In a man's
life, the beauty's gone
I was scared with fright through the storm
I'm prepared to write a
mutiny song
"It's a miracle Ma!" Damn my dick is long
Oh, that's just the umbellical
Clip clip, snip snip.and now it's gone along with my foreskin
One of them awful things
that they do to theoffspring
The sting is lessened by the drugs they pump into my miniature
Making us addicts just that quick is their signature hobby
An infamous robbery, and if
I'm not careful then my shaft'll break
It's got me coming up with creative ways to

I wanna be held but my father rebelled and my mother's
I went from a dark bliss to some boxes
It's obnoxious the way the doctors poke
and prod
seriously I can barely function
This is my first out-of-body experience and alien
I'm barely a munchkin after just minutes of labor
They're putting my tiny
footprints on some birth certificate paper
My personal hell of isolation began in an
To think of it later, slice open my wrist and check the microchip data
They didn't
capture it on beta film or audio
The year made me a dragon, the month made me a scorpio
weak, feeble, helpless baby boy cried for nights
But that day was the time of my life
that day was the time of my life
But that day, but that day was the
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