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Artist:Sage Francis
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Track:Inherited Scars
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Verse One]
I didn't tell anyone about what I seen or heard that day, mums the word still

I'm scared to plant ideas into your head while your rebellious side is fertile
Hurdles are
getting knocked down
I'm running a losing race
Your legs aren't the only ones marked up How
many dreams have you chased?
If I could have said this to your face maybe you wouldn't have to
write like I do,
Except I use paper instead of my body now; it's something you might want to
try too
From haikus to horror stories, it's something in our blood that we share,

Something in our blood that appears on the surface of our skin when we bring it there
facial expression said I didn't care
Hate and aggression must've made an impression on the
little kid who stared,
Sitting on stairs when I would bother to bring my skates
My feeble
attempt at being a strong, big brotherdoing father figure 8's
Ripping my cape on the ground
that it dragged on
Tripping on fate and hearing the sounds of a sad song
Listen, it's
great sharing time now that dad's gone,
But what's with the choice of words?
Or the body
parts that you decided to tag them on?
I'm a bagabond who moved to modern day Babylon and then
back again
With minimal contact and you know I can't ask your mom what's happening
got such beautiful gifts What are you doing ruining the packaging?
How ironiccome to thinkI
probably put this ink on my back for him
I want you to laugh and sing more,
But you
dropped anchor in a place
where dreams go to die and you're keeping your ass indoors
asking for you to stick it outand see things through
You're asking for me to zip my mouth and
keep it just between me and you

If I
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