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Artist:Sage Francis
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:This is to the woman who I loved but lost

Intertwine souls of the universe

divorced when it wasn't forced

Cause single thoughts of being double-crossed

Till there's no love lost

I can't even start this

She said

This is the rewrite.. this is the rewrite

Yo, check it out!

This to the woman who I used to respect

Now I call her a bitch cause
I'm constantly upset

So this is to the bitch who cut communication

Caught in a

Selfishness? Best in the nation

All I ever needed was a hug

To wrap my loving arms around you, you blew it off at a shrug

So all I ever
wanted was a hand to hold

I ain't the man to scold

Your plan is cold but god
damn its old

It's about time get inside of my head while I'm out my mind

As I
scream cry yell shout and whine

All I ever asked for

Was an ear to hear me

What you really have to wear a mask for?

You straight shattered my glass jaw

Now I'm picking up the pieces of my past that you last saw

But see this,
needless to say, you went astray

And all people ever earful say is

I don't give
a damn, for real, I don't care

Let's pull the hair from myself and try to make things

Yeah, I don't give a FUCK for real I don't FUCKING CARE

That's all I

The pain stops with the end of raindrops

But this cloudy
weather just reminds me of the time we spent together

And how you left forever like that
with a snap of fingers
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