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Artist:Sage Francis
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Track:Eviction Notice
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Fuckin' doin' it

This song is called Eviction Notice, it's a 2-parter
It's about how
drugs are the gateway to fun and flat laugh lines

There's effort in her smile and it
shouldn't be that way
Her last days are being snuffed out in an ashtray, and that's
Trying to intercept the passing away I've asked nicely

But I've learned not to
feed the hand that bites me
This morning the cradle rocks the hand
As I bang on pots and
she's just playing in her warning labeled box again
She wants a man I can look up to, a
role model to come through--
Don't bother unpacking your car...cinogen filled thrill
This girl will spit fire
Got me doing pirouettes over her guilt trip wire
I still
skip by a land mine or two, see I've learned the landscape
All the while practicing my firm
Hair, trigger-finger itch to spark any conversation
Said explosive personalities
don't part deadly confrontation
What happens in between her lips
She needs a fix more than
she knows her friend's a bitch
And needs to go

There's a note on the
Eviction notice

"Listen, one of us is leaving, and when I say US I mean
YOU'RE leaving. (You're leaving... You're leaving.)"

I'm in the house y'all, I'm
in the house y'all
And ain't no little piece of paper gonna kick me out y'all!
What?? I'm in
the house, I'm in the house
And ain't no legal separation gonna kick my ass out
I'm in the
house y'all, I'm in the house y'all
And ain't no new boyfriend gonna kick me out,
Fuck that, I'm in the house, I'm in the house
Ain't no snot-nosed brat gonna kick my
ass out

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