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Artist:Sage Francis
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Track:Buckets of Silence
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Had I known then what I know now
Had I thought now what I knew then..
I might still be human

with all the little stupid fix-ins
As I fix sins and vixens vick souls
Stitch clothes
for the characters they play then switch roles
Nail me to the cross dress
The holy cloth
costs less
I'd toss less
if I still had your soft breasts to rest my head on
you've been gone
I recalled my issues with problems and hate
but I can't exactly remember
the model or make
Now glass bottles break in my death grip
I'm about to take the next quick
exit and end this head trip
My bed is stripped of its blankets, comforters, pillows and
but I might have to peel off all my skin to remove your scent in order to

I had my highs and lows
When on top, I let you peek out over my nose
on my shoulders and I suppose if I had a backbone,
you might still be here
My skin is
from my lows when you weren't there. But to keep from feeling guilty
I collected
the dirt...Kept it piling up
Now Mr Feel Nothing saves his tears inside of a cup
and he
drinks. And he forgets that he's an asshole
Jealous of his ghosts and doubts that he even has a

My secret pleasures have my inner demons gossiping
I'm a ghost writer for the
horrorcore lyrics my personal mosters sing

I'm sitting in a strangers tub..
all my clothes on...shivering...considering the dangers of love.

They get half of what I
have to give...IF THAT
It's all about the packaging. They're distracted by the gift rap.

Predictable. Easy to manipulate
They're foreshadow puppets and I'm waiting for their
strings to break.

The pillars that once held u
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