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Artist:Sage Francis
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Track:Broken Wings
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Shes a fairy with broken wings
I used to watch her perform
And if she hears me
I hope she sings songs
That had me going right back
Couldnt find anyone in town to talk

Bout how no one like that
Should be confined to the ground we walk

She glides but
just seems like she floats
And these folks decide to crush her wings until there permanently
She rides gusts of wind just by the way she spoke
She crys but loves to sing songs of
freedom and hope
On the eastside hustling discussing things that we quote
In shallow
conversation as if we have deep throats
We chokin on confusion
Now show up as a heat stroke
of we need coats
Trading in our cheap jokes for her c notes
I see notes being passed
ask to see what these creeps wrote
Define silly kids and flying privelages revoke
Ski slopes
have been blocked off they cant transit
Had weights tied to her ankles she most definitely cant
Down, shes held down by the transripts my hands grip
Tried to tie her wings back on
before the ones again clip
Panic stricken, shell remain stuck
On a titantic sinken, shes
tryin to stay up
Change her plan thinken its ok
See this is strange but
Abraham Lincoln
freed the slaves in a way that kept them chained up
I'd like to see
Her take flight into the
Instead of letting her fly free they keep her in jars
Instead of letting fly free they
keep em in jars
I put my hand to the glass so hard
It might break the prison bars
isnt hard to see why they keep her captive
Shes naturally attractive
Speaks with adlibs,
shes uncommonly talented
Aint enough adjectives to do her dispotion justice
Kids are wishin
for just a kiss and its a mission to touch her lipstick
Cant trust her wit
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