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Artist:Sage Francis
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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The one that I'm with thinks sex is a beautiful thing
And that's simply adorable

When my time is affordable
Dimes pay the price I get abusive and that's the truth
just a fucking shame this is how I choose to communicate
Excuses I produce have their roots in
the music I make
She's not a fan nor am I famous
I may just change and adjust when I branch
Leave, get off my damn couch and achieve
What I dream about leave my house hand out my
To the sleepless beauty who failed math class and can't count her Z's

The tree
She says that she's mine she's my proprietress
Can't hold on to most of what I
Besides she likes to kiss and that's cute
I hug her till I start to hurt her
wants to dance to my pulse but I've got heart murmurs
A shark circles our lifeboat till its fin
The monster we created might choke in clothes
I'm naked walking tight ropes without
big toes
Couldn't see this with the night-scope bid my skin glow

Calling for
a safety net
The great white might train me on my life
Bite into my veiny neck where dreams
are falling asleep
Could dry up once she sees that I bleed off beat
Head over heels cause
she's tripping on her own feet
That puzzled look on her face still isn't complete
She gives
bits and pieces of herself
While I'm breaking myself open I pour my contents to her
Pardon me but is that me wearing my heart out on my sleeve
With razor sharp teeth
gnawing at my wrist how beautiful is this
The most beautifullest thing in the world
making up words when I have none else left to say to a girl
Making her curl up in a ball in a
corner of my eye
Taking a time out I don't want h
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