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Artist:Sage Francis
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Track:Oliver Twisted
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Reminiscing of when I was living in fear
Is he here yet?
I feel sweat building on my upper
Children are under attack
With every question mark
When testing starts
burn and stomachs knot
Inner organs begin to morph in
To dinnerless orphans
Asking for
more things to digest for Oliver
But I love her
You do?
I guess
What part, all of
Yeah except when she tempts men
You know those uncontrollable feelings and thoughts
except them
Now I accept when she tempts men to extend
Plutonic handshakes and I'm all hung
up on sex again
And untrusting is she still talking to him?
I'm hung up I used to be off the
Picked up girls and read them motives like an awful book
Put them down
Fast but
gently to maintain the grass entry level position
Last century I had several decisions
make before the new millenium
To secure finances
As for dollars did I make a mill or
Check the public record freedom of information
Act One Scene Two Third page Fourth
Fifth center sixth word seventh letter G
Seems like I ain't make any
And I'm
stuck clutching on to my very last penny
Loafer searching every crevice of the sofa
you not to get any closer
I need some space to breathe
And he's making me
Shovel the
snow cut the grass and rake the leaves
Take these responsibilities and shove 'em
working boots weren't made for running
Your landscaping business
My hands are shaking hidden
Holding a dead fish
Breaking limp wrists
And listening for lisps
Smack speech
impediments out your mouth piece
I'm all alone in the force to home
Killing myself with the
house keys


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