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Artist:Sacred Steel
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Track:Trapped in Hell
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:With the dying breath of the blind witch
came the prophecy
from the land of myth and
into reality

From the old kingdom of magic
the griffin descends
to bring
the sword of the elder
to the ruler of man

Oh hear the valkyries sing
your life or
death they bring
your future held within
to bring forth the sword of the king

heir to the throne is the child of the damned
he must be stopped and fall
black is his mind
black is his soul
he has come to bind us all
he is the fiend of the pureness of
the ancient tyrant son
the heir to the throne must be killed and denied
defeat the
chosen one

Die by my sword
you'll die by my hand
I will be lord
and the ruler
of man

Give light to the blind
the end of the tyranny
your soul and mind will never
be free
warriors unite
into battle for destiny
metal is life
into war for the

Take their children take their wives
take their cities take their lives
them broken hear my spell
life on earth shall be your hell
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