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Artist:Saafir the Saucee Nomad
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Album:Hit List
Track:The Hit List
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:featuring Sonnie Black

Huh yeah yeah. Saafir in the house
youknowhatI'msayin'? Layin' it down with
my nigga Sonnie Black. About to spit this shit to
you. You might be on this
motherfucker man. You know?

Since the
death of the first two icons I be wonderin'
Who's gonna be the next to plummet in the dirt

Somebody is puttin' in major work
And drop the line of these top the line rhymer you
know who was the first
And the second MC
The shit temps me
To keep practicing
my aim at the shooting range
And keep my vest
In close range to my chest
Say a
prayer to the game
Cause she won't be the same after this
I heard they
Who is
I don't know
But you know what they say
Don't believe it till you see it

But now I peep the Ebony special Big Daddy Dane or Super Nat
Death's comin' three and
the shit is startin' to worry me (why?)
Cause this shit got to be connected to a much deeper
Maybe the government is fillin' it
Since they see them taxes of these millionaire
black men rappin'
Imagin' if they got fed up and attached a contract
To touch these
pathetic lips
Believe me
It would be called

The Hit List

But it never happens to you if you're hitless
So you better stay sharp in you mental
And always holla at your follies about business
What is this? The Hit List

The newspapers read
"De La Soul Is Dead"
The Stakes Is
Higher than Hell fire
Shocking news travels like a live wire
To the Mississippi
Brought in from a club bathroom
Bartender slipped him a Mickey

Everybody in hip hop is trigger itchy
One of the Pharcyde got smoked in a hotel in Perkipsey

Upstate with no backin' I'm packin' heat
Like an immigrant work Nike factory
feel like somebody is watchin' me
I got eyes in the back of my head and under my balls

Cassette from outside bathroom door stall
Watchin' my back without a pause
Scarface in
Houston tryin' not to catch a bullet scar
Ridin' to the studio in bulletproof cars
had a shootout ? wait with FaceMob
A cashier worker and a grocery bagger was tagged up

Body bagged up
Pedestrians meeting the concrete
Gettin' faces and body parts scrapped
Face Mob swervin' through as they may ? (screeching)


Sonnie Black:
What is this the Hit List
The Hit List some sick shit over glove shit

Mr. Sonnie Black the fly ass tracks jack
You slippin' like bait on a fishing rod

I'm tryin' to manipulate your fate
I'm tryin' to get you God
Cause you tailored
my made me good and plenty
Your soldiers turned GI Jane more (Moore) than Demi
your hustle on kinko
God got blessings to give me

On Remy and a
night chair
Spit my plot to my partners and hoes sittin' around in nightwear
a window a slight air
A nigga feel twisted
The story
The Hit List
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