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Artist:Saafir the Saucee Nomad
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Album:Boxcar Sessions
Track:Real Circus
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I bought my ticket ten years ago when in demand
Was the candy caramel. I submerged like a

Murk on the mental. But it was hard to tell if
Nails pitched on my tent on time with
the ringmaster
God had a whip. Hit me on my hip now I'm on
A hop but it don't
stop. Now I advise the wise
Why why did you let me out the flock? Now I'm
pro flippin flu germs wit a new perm
I'm hittin different regions. It's winter season

Tryin to forget the treason of my twisted sister, so
I turn my face when Rockin
Rollin in myst-ic
So side show freaks can't peep the mask task-force
Behind the
jacket, so I'm packin not because I'm
Hard. I'm paranoid, I'm far away from
God. He
can't see me. I ignorantly thought he caught me
Dreamin, in comes the demon tryin to shoot
That semen. One way I'm off the brink, the detour
Was unblocked. I'm strictly on
instinct, I'm walkin
Over barriers. I'm spooked cause I keep hearin
The word spades.
They tryin to pull my card
They're goin to get it, I won't forget it like an

Elephant, tiger, lions rely on the funky monkey
Dyin in the real circus

finally out of my cage, it's been ten swings since
I quenched the silence. Sure to erupt
Till they're queasy from the degree of the tilt of
A trapeze performer
that's proven succession in
The progression of a juggler, vain slitter, my spear

Shifted. Saafir's gifted like black Santa. I was
Born a flipper with sticks and balance
I learn to differ swift stimulation of a soul snatcher.
Oh! Here they come
Jay-Z, 15 deep
In a clown car wit make-up, but I got make-up
For ya - wake up. I lay
material like dogs upside
Down cakes. I give pounds to fakes so my cleets
claims, skills have belittled spittle. What's
Coming from that grill - waffles, ya shit is
Further let's implore for more speech reach back
For the cage where the elves
are plottin schemes
You ask me to explain what I mean, I will in
The afterlife kill
death, I verify the untimid
Breath, I'm trustworthy to the busting of dirty

Thirty-thousand year old authentic, I'll win it
Just as the thought has brought into focus
The real traveling circus.

I'm jumpin through hoops, can you dance
like a
Panther? I can. I pick my prey in shades of
Grey, but I'm not color blind on
the rhyme. The
Circus is in my scalp. I'm higher than the Alps
I'll make you break
camp. I tame crews like shrews
I bust nuts without screws. Can you do that - hardly.

Ya too stiff malarky art kits, give up the drawings
Ya never saw swings cling when the grip
That makes you feel like the Real Circus
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