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Artist:Railroad Dikers
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Fifteen fortune seekers
Found a new place they call home
Beneath the old gasoline
Where the railway starts to flow
Out of this town where
The heroes hide
Where kids grow up to tell their part
Of the hometown story

years they went out to
Where no one else will find
Faith became their castle

Till the ground was set on fire
Summer turned to winter
Friends became enemies

The change of seasons took its stand
In the hometown story

Then came the rain

Then came the night
The street looked like a mirror
Took them to the other side

Promises were holy
Life was all around
I guess there’s nothing left for them

In the backstreets of this town

Who’s the one who clears your eyes

When tears can’t hide the pain?
Who’s the one you run to
When the whole town calls
your name?
Who will be your fire
When the mirror starts to freeze?
The truth is
hard to find between the lines
In the hometown story

Then came the rain

Then came the night
There ain’t no more fortune left
Beyond the other mirror side

Then on the mainstreet
Snow came falling down
There’s so much left for you
and me
In the backstreets of this town

Those last few days, we didn’t take

The time to speak our minds
Some of us they learned to see
While some of us got
The salt inside my eyes
Hurts like some memories
The time is right to
find yourself
In the hometown story
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